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Cultures of Remembrance
The Topography of Terror’s Homepage Cultures of Remembrance – a Network provides a basis for a dialogue across borders about different kinds of remembrance and commemoration.
Brief overview texts accompanied by scholarly essays present the discourses on remembrance that exist in many different countries. To reach a broad and international readership and facilitate a discussion, texts are usually provided in English, are almost always in the native language of the country in question, and sometimes available in German.

The Homepage Cultures of Remembrance – a Network is linked to the Homepage "Memorial Museums" which provide a worldwide overview of the most important memorials, monuments, museum and institutions that commemorate the victims of National Socialist terror. Through these sites the different historical contexts and the development and reception of the sites of memory becomes evident. They show the connection between remembrance culture and the development of the memorial sites in the respective countries

This Homepage was made possible through the help of many people from all over the world who offered their contributions. We would like especially to thank the "Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research" for its support and European Union for its financial assistance.

We invite you to participate in the initiation of this international dialogue. Comments and ideas for discussion can be placed on the homepage by any user.

We wish you all the best in using the Internet forum "Cultures of Remembrance."